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tube preamps

Nos Preamp and Compression Tube advice

I'm Looking for great choices of nos tubes for my pro vla and my mpa gold the cheap tubes i had sounded great until i got both units modded now all my different tubes like really really impact the sound of the recording and I'm coming to find out that my tube selection sucks lol ill list them below so ppl have a better understanding of what ive worked with tube wise...(Also Max Cap Of 200 for the Pair)

The Tubes Ive Ran Thru it
1950's Tung-sol tube
Clean mid range but lacks high end

Tube preamps

Preamps are very "subjective" as we all know. Though I think it would be really helpful if people could perhaps post their top 5 choices for roughly about 1200 dollars. This is weed out some of the lower end units and focus on mid range units which I am sure many of us could use in our studios. I am looking to buy one myself, and this would be my first. I really could use some help. as I am not sure which is best.

Thanks for the knowledge everyone!

My Rig:

Mac Pro
Logic 9

Alesis iO2 Interface and ART Tube Preamp - Do i still need a better soundcard?

I read a great reply to a different post about upgrading to an external soundcard and I wondered if this would apply to me also if I am only recording vocals over instrumental tracks and my signal chain is mic>preamp>interface>PC USB input. The songs will be mixed by the producer, I'm only adding my vocals. I record with Cubase LE.

Thanks for any advice.

My new trick - tube and xsistor preamp on a single voice mic!

My apologies if this is "old hat" for the pros in here. I just wanted to share this for anyone who wants to adapt this to their own home studio.

I am always looking for ways to make new sounds. This trick is nothing more than splitting a mic signal and passing it through both a tube and xsistor preamp and recording in the DAW on two tracks.

So this is what I have done:

1. I take my MXL 990 condenser mic and run it into my PreSonus Firepod. (I use input #1 for this)

2. Set the gain on this preamp to the proper level for a good recording.

Focusrite Saffire 10 i/o vs. PreSonus Firestudio Tube vs. any other

I found a Focusrite Saffire pro 10 on craigslist being sold as is. I got the guy to drop it down to 50 bones however there would be a 250 dollar charge to fix it from Thermal Relief. Should I buy this since in itself it is a steal? Or should I buck up and save for a PreSonus Firestudio Tube or even a Focusrite Liquid Saffire?

I need an interface for my day to day recording/tracking and would like for it to migrate into an actual studio one day. Im running a W7 machine in 64x and hoping I won't run into any software issues with the Saffire. Could use some pro help, thanks!

PreSonus Tube Interface

Hi everyone I am saving up to get the PreSonus tube interface in a few months. Has anyone used it or had experience with it? I would really like to hear more about it before I buy. I have heard great recordings from the PreSonus firepod (which is pretty much the same thing) so that has interested me in buying the PreSonus tube. Also has anyone used the studio one DAW that comes with it? I am using Adobe Audition right now and its pretty good but something better would be nice.

Groove Tubes ViPre

Are these still going about? I'm not looking hard, but I am looking for something to expand palette and I've had designs on a ViPre for some time.

I'd be looking to work with the variable input, my mics are in my sig but I'd be looking at the obvious ones, Royer, Neumann, Coles, CO - would this be a good purchase for me?