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What is the best to record in my "home studio"? Sony Forge, Vegas, or Acid? I use an Emu 0404 sound card, a Behringer502 xenyx mixer, a Behringer 2 v-amp for bass and guitar, and a Yamaha psr-540 keyboard. I just record like pop punk songs and "hip hop" songs for fun. Right now I am using Vegas. I just want to know what would be best for my purposes. Also, the sound quality that I am getting is pretty decent, but just kind of quite. Any suggestions? My sound card is turned up as high as it can go without peaking and same goes for my mixer, etc. I am just lookign fro louder and more "Ummfff" in the songs. thanks.

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anonymous Tue, 09/11/2007 - 17:54

If you want to save money download Reaper for free. Its an easy to use audio recording program that handles the recording and sequencing duties. I would also suggest, to connect the PSR-540 keyboard MIDI output to the MIDI input port on your Emu 0404 interface via a MIDI cable. This way you can use the keyboard to trigger internal VSTi's and samples which will give you alot more options.

As far as not getting enough signal I would ask how did you connect all this up? The mixer can be connected to the analog in of the Emu and be used used to bring in mic and inst. If you connect the mixer input to the Emu output it can be used to monitor your mixes via headphones or studio monitors.

The Vamp has a digital out that can be connected to the digital Spidif inputs on the EMU.

I would suggest reviewing this link it might help to sort things out

There also alot of free VST's and VSTi's at this site to get you started
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I think the equipment you have is enough you just need to set it up properly and adjust the levels properly. Post back the way you have everything connected now and people here are really cool and willing to help you get everything hooked up right.

Kent L T Wed, 09/12/2007 - 13:06

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This may be the reason for your level problems.
Just about any software package will do the job. Most software companies post demos on their web sites. The only way you can tell which one will be best for you is to try the demos and see which one you like the best. What I like you may hate and what you like I may hate.