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High frequency warping/woosh when recording metal screaming?

Hey all, I'm using Cubase to record from:

Shure SM7B -> XLR cable -> cloudlifter CL-1 -> XLR cable -> Scarlett 8i6 (Phantom Power On - Gain = 7) -> USB cable -> laptop.

I have both the stock pop filter on the mic itself as well as a pop filter attached to the boom stand.

I'm getting some strange wooshing feedback every time there is a new word in the verse, the best way I can describe it is that high frequency shifting noise you get when tuning a radio between stations.

Here are some mp3 examples, it's much easier to hear the feedback with the effects on because it exaggerates it, but you can definitely still hear it when completely clean (no eq, flat eq setting on sm7b).

(Dead Link Removed)
(Dead Link Removed)

Any idea what I'm doing wrong here? I'm in a basement with little ambient noise, and I don't think my environment is the issue since when recording silence there is no feedback at all.