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best mic for metal/screaming vocals

hey, i started singing not too long ago, i have a crappy mic, I'm gana get a new one after christmas or so, so i need to know what to get, i scream, it varies from stuff like "tha agony scene", "as i lay dying" and "the devil wears prada", theres more but, just to give u an idea, i do a small bit of vocals, so i dont want it to be horible for that,i usually use aduacity on my pc to cover songs,

I need a screamer...anyone wanna sing?

I just threw a few riffs together and I want to hear this with vocals. These are scratch tracks with roughly programmed drums. It will be tightened up, but for now I just want a rough idea of where the vocals can go. After that I'll add the intro, keeper guitars/bass, drum fills, etc. This is a skeleton right now.

Anyone want to scream?

Recording Screaming

i was wondering if anyone had some useful information on this. I'm prety sure there would have to be different techniques involved. I'm particular interested in getting that throaty sound that is like vocal distortion caused by the larynxs clashing together, but emphasizing it naturally by proper micing, not by resorting to distortion plugins like so many screaming bands do nowadays.