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Hi all.

I recently started making field recordings in my spare time just for the fun of it, so far I have made some nice recordings of some trams and I am off soon to record a wind turbine and a few convolution impulses around some interesting architecture in my city.

Feel free to have a listen.

Tram 1

Tram 2

Does anyone have any suggestions for other subjects to record that would be more interesting and what do you feel makes a sound, sound nice? Speed, motion, Doppler effect, dynamics, phase? etc and what are some unusual sound properties to capture?



JoeH Sun, 01/29/2012 - 08:45

I tend to go for nature sounds these days. Had a real, honest to god woodpecker making a racket outside. Got some video, wish the audio was better to show what I mean...

Rain & thunder always intrigue me, too.

We have a freight train line not too far away, and hear it almost every night around 10 or so. I'd like to find the place where they blow the whistle and capture some of that, too.

Coda. Mon, 02/13/2012 - 17:11

Hey thanks chaps some cool ideas. moonbaby I actually heard an amazing slap-back near a construction site the other day being made by a crane rigged with a 20 ft tall pile driver, the bangs were being reflected off a near by building which was covered in polished tiles so the reflections were literally mirror images. I was cursing because I didn't have my recorder with me.

I didn't think of river boats but of course they make make cool sounds, I shall have to wait till the summer though. Ive been thinking about making some panoramic recordings in cafes and hash bars using a slow rotating stereo mic. Also JoeH freight trains and whistles are great hope you get some recordings, it'd be great if you could let us here them.

There's a few more recordings and compositions I've made, have been really deconstructing lots of different sounds and experimenting with them so there's some interesting ideas up and good recordings. .


meads828 Mon, 03/26/2012 - 07:21

Looks like I'm late to this conversation. Love the tram sounds you've captured, Coda. I too have recently become interested in field recording. I freaked myself out reading online about all the expensive equipment recommended for this venture. In the end, I just stuffed a 40 year old 'shoebox' cassette recorder in my backpack and set off for the local park reserve. Spent the whole day recording nature sounds. Took it home and laid some sparse musical arrangements over the top. If any of you are interested in hearing it, you can do so here:

[[url=http://[/URL]="http://marcus-eads…"]Native Prairie[/]="http://marcus-eads…"]Native Prairie[/]

RemyRAD Mon, 03/26/2012 - 12:48

Back in 1993, I recorded a rock band in this guy's garage. When it came time to do the vocals, I took the singer outside the garage in the middle of the night. The crickets were chirping and the frogs were croaking and everybody loved the way it sounded on the recording. And with live recordings in nightclubs, the clinking of glasses and silverware along with the shuffling of feet and the low sotto voce' of quiet dialogue in the backgrounds adds to the recording. It's real. It's organic. It pulls you in and makes you a part of it. It's easy and familiar to relate to. So many good reasons for it. So many bad reasons to eliminate it. A friend of mine lives next door to a neighbor who has a coop full of " competition chickens & roosters ". So-and-so is elegant to be recording in her living room when a rooster decides to chime in from next door. LMAO!

Look! A chicken!
Mx. Remy Ann David