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Cassettes are not dead for some things in the UK

I was chatting to my son about the British really popular Police drama Line of Duty. I was interested as he's a Police Officer here. I expected him to moan about Police process mistakes, or the things they do, but no - his complaint was the interview recorders which are the latest type - solid state and  when you hit the button they make the long loud tone, before they start recording. He says they don't do this - just a pip or two to indicate they have started.

Turntable, Cassette Player, Pre-amp, for archive project.

Hey all, I've been doing some research in the hifi realm looking to see what's available and price points.

I have about 250 vinyl albums between my dad and I, and at least 3 irreplaceable cassette demos from my old days, and tons of other commercial cassettes.

I'm not looking for boutique quality but I'm looking for something pro, or very close to it. I'm going to be feeding a brand new set of comverters (RME adi -2 pro slated right now) so I've got that end covered.

Old cassette based 4 track recorder

Hi all, my first post!

I've recently rediscovered all my old four track recordings from the 80's and 90's (yes, I'm getting on a bit!) and want to listen to them again, however, I do not have the original Tascam Porta 05 four track recorder they were recorded on - does anyone know if I could successfully play these tapes back on any cassette based 4 track recorder, or will they only really respond to being played back on another Tascam Porta 05? (they seem to be a bit rare on the UK ebay site!)

Thanks in advance.

Cassette Deck to XLR Board Inputs

:smile: Hello,
I am transferring cassette tapes with a Nakamichi MR-1 deck. I have connected the deck's balanced XLR outputs to my mixing console's XLR microphone inputs. Is there a big difference between using the XLR inputs on the board and utilizing the mic preamps, versus the 1/4" line-level inputs? Are there any reasons not to use the XLRs? I couldn't tell a real difference in A/B comparison, but I had been led to believe that line-level inputs (of most boards in general) were supposed to be more stable with electronic devices and have better sound.

cassette transfer / cleanup service recommendations?

I have a couple of choral music cassettes which were semi-professionally recorded by our church long ago.

I would like to have them digitized and any necessary EQ / noise reduction performed, so that I can burn a few CD-Rs for church members.

There are dozens of outfits on the 'net offering this service starting at ten bucks a tape, but I don't get the impression that too many of them know about (for example) adjusting the azimuth when playing back the tapes.

Help Digitizing Cassettes (Phase Reveresed)

whats up guys I'm new here and just though Id ask you knowledgeable folk for some information and help digitizing cassettes. I am using a Tascam 122 MKIII cassette deck and a RME HDSP 9632 ADC to convert. the cassettes are not your average off the shelf type they're mainly demos and in house record label references etc. when digitized the rips are good but when played in mono most of the center information disappears
I sent a cassette off to a studio some months back and it also had the same problem, heres what the guy said..



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