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Just posted on RO:

I have the Lavry Black AD10 and Lavry Black MP10 and they are both stellar. I've used MP10 with my Royer ribbons and achieved excellent level and the sound is transparent and full. The AD11 appears to be the best of both combined. The ticket for high end 2 track recording for sure. Ideal for hybrid musicians that are doing midi and vocals and beyond!

The AD11 stereo A to D converter offers USB connectivity, ideal for portable recording systems. Other features include built-in microphone preamplifiers with phantom power, large wide-range LED meters, and Lavry’s exclusive Digital Tape Saturation Emulation (“Soft Saturation”). All settings are controllable from the AD11’s front panel using a system similar to that of the companion D to A converter- the DA11.

Please chime in with reviews over the year here?


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