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Lavry Latency Killer

Check this out.


Lavry Engineering
The Latency Killer (LK-1) is a specialty product; it does not fit into any standard category. It is for overdubbing work – latency free real time monitoring of DAW.

The basic concept is based on muting the playback of the recorded channel (on the DAW), and replacing it with the music signal before the AD conversion.

I sampled 15 snare drums using high end gear (Vintech, Lavry...) !

Hello guys, here is a new product : my snare drum collection !

I sampled a 15 snare drums collection, using high end gear and my background as a drummer. You'll find multi-velocities samples (4 rimshot hits, 3 medium hits, and 3 soft hits) in WAV format (top and bottom snare) for each one. You'll also find the same files in .TCI (Slate Trigger) format.
All samples are natural, no post-processing involved.

Lavry AD11

I just published this article on the LavryBlack AD11. Great for the mobile guys!

The Lavry AD11 stereo A/D converter offers USB connectivity, ideal for portable recording systems. Other features include built-in microphone preamplifiers with phantom power, large wide-range LED meters, and Lavry’s exclusive Digital Tape Saturation Emulation (“Soft Saturation”). All settings are controllable from the AD11’s front panel using a system similar to that of the companion D to A converter- the DA11.

LavryBlack AD11 Reviews

Just posted on RO:

I have the LavryBlack AD10 and LavryBlack MP10 and they are both stellar. I've used MP10 with my Royer ribbons and achieved excellent level and the sound is transparent and full. The AD11 appears to be the best of both combined. The ticket for high end 2 track recording for sure. Ideal for hybrid musicians that are doing midi and vocals and beyond!

Lavry AD-10 Black

Okay, I sound like a bozo but I'm not trying to impress anyone so I'll ask a really lame question and hope someone can help me figure out how to hook this up to my PC.
Does anyone know how to hook a Lavry AD10 up to a PC? I know you can hook it up to a Mac via light and get a pristine AD but I can't figure out how to get it to work with my PC. PC's are so confusing to me.

I'm have an optical input for the PC but I don't get a read from it with the AD10.

here is a rear pic of the AD10


Lavry Black MP10 and Royer R-122 for acoustic guitar

Finally time to start getting to know my new studio.

I recorded acoustic guitar with Royer R-122's (so nice) into a FireFace 800. Used the stock FF pre's and have been pretty impressed with it. After a few hours I decided to bypass the Fireface mic preamp's and use a Lavry MP10. WOW! amazing. The sound was so clean ( in a good way) faster than I've ever experienced and so articulate. Just beautiful. I couldn't help but share this and give a good plug for Lavry MP10 mic preamp. I'm very impressed.