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Does anyone out there know if the differences in sound are as different as the price of these 2 units? The mpx 550 is going for around $500 and the PCM 91for $1500. Was wondering if the latest tech. of the mpx 500 was as good or close to the older PCM 91 .

My purpose is to use an outboard verb to free up my processor. I use a Wavesren. reverb but it really taxes my computer. Also I record a lot of vocals and piano.
thank You-


Rowan Fri, 01/24/2003 - 19:49

The PCM Lexicon stuff is in a different league to the MPX stuff.

IMO the PCM91 is the entry level 'real' Lexicon gear. The MPX and the earlier LPX stuff is what got the company into the home studio end of the market. It might have Lexicon stamped on it but it ain't no 480L... or even a PCM91.

If you are on a budget compare the TC Electronic M-One XL with the MPX-550. I know which one I preferred.. I bought the TC! :)


BTW Make sure it's a TC M-One XL... better algorithms and more of them.


driller45 Sun, 01/26/2003 - 17:49

ah have all three ,

the pcm 91-roasts them all , (in my opinion)

the reverb trails and time are so nice ,

very gentle and smooth , somany more options

the tc is nice , nothing super duper , but it

also does a good job , the lex's little bro

pretty much i use for less noticable stuff ,

i think their all better than the waves stuff,

but if your doing a song where the reverbed part is the main deal like an accapella or somthing ,

the pcm 91 does make a difference ,