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I am recording classical guitar and violin in my home with a decent room. I have a budget of $4000 and need to get mics, pres and converters. I know that's near nothing to put a setup together, but I need to know where to put the money. I want 4 channels.
I've considered these options...
1. Focusrite 428 w/ A/D card
RME pci card
PreSonus Central Station ( I know its cheap but D/A & headphones)
Rest on mics( maybe peluso SD)

2. Lynx 2 A
2 DAV BG 1
Rest on mics

Opinionswould be appreciated. Again, I know $4000 is almost nothing, but where would you divide the money?

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anonymous Sun, 02/13/2005 - 19:17

Hi Herold,

well $4000 can go a long way, granted you do a little "hunting". It sounds like you're starting fresh, so I take it you have no equipment as of yet.
I would deffinitely recommend a large diaphragm condenser mic with multi pattern fuction. CAD Equitek would be good for this, its a great mic and its relatively cheap. Also, you'll want a lipstick style mic to add to the mix, to compensate for lower frequencies and a potential "muddy" sound - the combination of the 2 with your classical guitar would sound great. I would recommend an ADK SC-1, another very well priced and amazing sounding mic.
Secondly you'll need to power these mics with a preamp, i would recommend something with a tube, just for some added warmth towards your classical sound. Aphex 207 would suit you perfectly for this and is also quite cheap.
From your mics to preamp you'll need to bring it to your computer via a soundcard, i would recommend an M Audio Delta 44 or even 66.
Next, is the most important peice, your software. I run Steinberg Nuedno 2.2, but i dont expect everyone to use it or want to pay for it. So I would recommend Steinberg Cubase SX to you, its a great program and should facilitate you perfectly, and runs about 300 dollars.
You may also want to purchase some active (self powered) stereo monitors, so you have a good representation of what you're sounding like, i would recommend KRK Rokit5 speakers. They're average price and they sound great.

Good luck, hope I was of some help. 8-)