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Mixing with external gear with Samplitude Pro X5

Mixing with external gear with Samplitude Pro X5

Thanks to jmizz15212 Films J-jigga for posting a question about using external gear while mixing.

In this video I show how to use the FX send and receive function of Samplitude. (also available in previous versions

Credits : https://www.telefun… Will Evans - "Me and My Crew"…

Which gear needs to be plugged into isolation transformer?

Hey ive been thinking about deliver clean power to my rig as it approaches completion. The use of isolation transformers seems to make sense since the rig will be in a regular house, without any modifications to the existing electric service. My questions are:

1. What pieces of gear need to be plugged into an isolation transformer?

Storing gear and components outside in summer

Hey all,

I am moving and remodeling my current house, and ive got 6 totes full of stuff id like to keep out of the house. Im thinking my car which i have, or a shed or trailer which would need to be purchased. I would need storage anywhere from a week to 3 months. The gear of concern is 2x Avid eleven racks, a beta 57 mic, a pre built desktop, and components for 3 other desktops.

I'll Admit It: Digital Gear is Insanely Confusing to Me, and I Need Help

I've been away from the music world since 2013, when my last band broke up. It's been a long hiatus, but I've been chatting with a few members of that old band, and we're going to form a new project this Spring/ Summer. Which means I need to buy and build a new recording setup.

Which Gear to use?

I am having a really hard time figuring out what to do. I have a project coming up with piano and solo violin, I feel like I am way over thinking things, but I cannot decide what to do. The hall we are recording in sounds amazing a little too reverberant but still a very gooding sounding hall. The musicians and instruments are amazing and very professional so I want to match that level, but I just can't decide what to do.
The gear I have available to me is:
Antelope Zen Tour
Matched pair of DIY U87 ( which compared to the real things are extremely close)

Outboard Gear Processing setup


I would like to try the Outboard Gear Processing for my recorded audio like Vocal and Bass Guitar.

I normally have my clean recording on both, then processed and toning via plugins. And I would like to use some outboard gears like Compressor, EQ, Bass Amp Head...for that.

Question :

What's the basic setup/chain should I do for a single track?

Hopefully my question is clear, haha...

Do we need to spend thousands of dollars on recording gear or software?

When it comes right down to good sound, the mix and master, I personally believe I can get by on most basic DAW platform with good to excellent preamps and conversion.

That fact that I use and discuss excellent gear is because its available to me, and because its also a passion of interest.
I am convinced a well recorded performance will mix and master to professional results on the most basic DAW system.

New Gear Day

:D is basically how I look since the delivery guy delivered my Eleven Rack this morning. :D

I actually snared one second hand in excellent condition with the latest firmware and the Avid Eleven Extension Pack for less than half what they sell new here. :D

So far I have ran my '98 USA HSS Strat & my '98 Les Paul Flametop through it...I must say its sounds impressive :D

Just can't wipe the :D from my face