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Genesys Black The Ultimate Hybrid Workstation

Neve Genesys Black

This to me is a perfect example of a "modern" console catered to hybrid workflows. Its got digitally controlled analog circuitry, recall and automation, and is partially controllable via a daw. The last part is fantastic as that means one could mix remotely, say at home, to do touch ups on a mix without going down the the studio. It also means you can rent mix time on the console and people can tap into it via a screen sharing app and networked audio solution like source connect etc.  

Modular construction makes upgrades and mods more practical, allowing for a longer useful life span.

With tight integration between daw and hardware, we are no longer restricted to physically being in the room to mix on an analog system.

This console is way out of my range, but I would love an 8 channel summing mixer with channel strips on each channel, and this level of recall.

It will be a while, but it's nice to see analog gear finally stepping into the digital workflow in a serious way.



audiokid Mon, 01/24/2022 - 15:42

Beautiful 🤩

Mixing on a console like this from a remote location is just the coolest ever. I don't quite understand why we would want to do that but its super cool.

How would you deal with not having your own Monitoring?

Thanks for sharing this, Kyle.👍🏼


kmetal Tue, 01/25/2022 - 19:47

In reply to by audiokid

Remote mixing: I'd love to run my tracks thru the bussing and channels of the Neve console. But in order for me to be the one mixing I'd have to physically go to the studio, and use their room and monitors, which I may not be familiar with.

Because this console is remote controllable, I can tap into the studio it's in via a screen sharing app like anydesk, or windows remote desktop ect. That gives me the control of the studios computer/daw/console, since the console is controllable via the daw (pluggin interface style). 

Just Dropbox the my mix session to them, they screen share with me, and I'm now running my mix on their daw/console, controlled by me at home.

For audio, you could use zoom or Skype for non critical type things, or a purpose made solution like Source Connect, or similar. These other options are relatively low latency, and send uncompressed full fidelity audio (not sure if they go high as 192k). They work by a simple plugin you put in the master bus of the studio daws session, and a channel on your computer. That is how you send the audio from the studio to your computer.

So I can essentially run and monitor the session going thru the Neve, at my home in near realtime. As a customer it saves me travel, and the cost of a Neve, lol. As the studio, it allows them to be booked remotely, so people don't even have to be present in the studio. Heck, the console could be in a warehouse or someones shed. It just needs to be powered, and connected to the daw/Internet. 

This remote ability basically bridges the gap between renting a studio and renting gear.

Couple that with something like the SSL? Patchbay you had, which was remote controllable, and you have the ability to patch in rack stuff too.

With reasonable delay compensation, and a redundant, reliable storage solution, you could actually record remotely in realtime thru the console. Remote recording tech is currently available, tho I'd have to try and find my notes I took when looking into a year or so ago.

Basically using gear I can't afford to own, or travel too, and/or booking my studio gear when I'm not using it is why remote controlled analog is such a groundbreaking feature to me. Its literally the best of both worlds.  Without daw integration/remote control, hybrid workflows are still a bit clunky, requiring manual recalls, or to be physically present with the gear.

There's already a company that let's you remote control their rack gear like a pultec eq, and use it with your tracks.

I see this trend growing, and don't think it's far fetched to imagine a warehouse setup like a computer server warehouse, but with audio gear.

The broadcast industry has been doing remote for a while, and I think music will follow suit.

Imagine you could run your sing thru the Abbey road rack!!?? Remote might just give the commercial studio a new lease on life.

Tho one has to still wonder how long analog will be preferable.