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Hybrid Buffer in Daw

I've noticed several daws are implementing a form of hybrid buffer (reaper, studio one, cubase?, Possibly others) where there is a separate buffer for the audio playback tracks and the tracks record enabled. This allows you to have a low buffer on the record enabled tracks, for low latency, and high buffer on the playback tracks for maximum DSP power.

Just curious if anyone out there is using a daw with hybrid buffer, and how the experience has been.

I Think I'm Hybrid

I've noticed since acquiring my new gear that I always wanted the option to record, mix AND master. I never gave much though to the idea of it being a hybrid concept or not. I never wanted to pin myself into doing only one of the options even though most of my time may go into it. I don't want to be limited in mastering, say, to a two channel DA/AD interface. And I don't want to have to buy channel strips for recording, so I just use my mastering EQ/compressor when that time comes. I love having the flexibility to do whatever is needed, even if it's by condensing tools to make it work.

My journey into Hybrid mixing

Today was the baby step into this new way (for me) of doing recording and mixing. I was fairly certain (thanks to help from others here, audiokid in particular) about how to get going. Today braving the install of the RME HDSPe card into the Mac was step one. Before all that I had to setup power and network etc. Once I had the card in I made it talk to the Orion 32 and out to the Dangerous Music Monitor ST.

Hybrid Audio


A personal look into my process of hybrid audio mixing, summing and mastering

I've always had an interest in mastering. Ever since I created I paid most attention to the mastering engineers. Many don't realize the history of this site but we are in some ways the predecessor to most of the recording forums today. GS, PSW, and hundreds of other recording forums stemmed out from here. In the beginning, we had the old school big boys gathering here sharing their secrets. I paid attention to them like glue.



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