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I am in Pueblo Colorado visiting my sons.
I live in southern Oregon. I have a home studio that has expended over the years. With over 70 albums under my belt I have recently decided to move from the digital domain back to analog. I took delivery on an Otari MTR 90 II last week and will drive through Palm Springs on my way home next week to pick up my Dolby XP/ SR24 noise reduction units. The machines need set up and alignment.


  1. MRL alignment tape. NAB vs IRCC (Europe standard) 15 ips, 250 or 350 uWb? my other machines are NAB! Otari 5050 x 3, Revox A77, Sony 654-4.
  2. The only 2" tape available new today is ATR MAGNETICS. RGMI went bankrupt and has recently been purchased by another company in Europe and is starting to come out under the name of PYRAL. It is not out in 2" stock yet. For New old stock, I have been given one reel of Quantegy 499. It does not have the sticky shed syndrome. What other NOS tapes are currently available that still work?
  3. I have not read the Dolby manuals yet but, most likely I will need input for the synchronization of the Dolby with the 24 track machine with punch ins. If the calibration isn't right, you got a pop. Or some noise.
  4. After recording for over 50 years I've decided to go back to my roots. What do others think?
  • Otari MTR 90

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