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Connecting Roland Octa capture to Otari MX5050

So I wanted to run some audio to my 1/4" tape machine. The Roland manual states that there are "audio outs" in the rear of the unit - they are balanced/unbalanced jacks 1/4". TS or TRS.

I've used them before for headphone monitoring etc. The manual states 0DBu nominal level, so I suppose this is under line level 4 dbu.

otari concept one board -any pointers?

Hello all

I am set to begin a project this week end on an Otari Concept One 64 ch. Having never used one before I was wondering if there is anything I should be aware of -quirks particulalr to this specific board. The owner of the studio is cranky and I dont want any unneeded flak.

Thanks to all

Sean quinn

2-track reel-to-reel recorders. Teac, Tascam, Otari...

i keep seeing these for sale for under $300 all over the place, and I am wondering if anyone has ever used these for music/rock recording? it is almost tempting to pick one up to track some vocals or snare/kicks on them. but it is a waste of time? or are these valuable elements in a studio? i know the whole debacle on tape companies is uncertain as well...but I'm tempted...

Soundcraft fx 8 or fx 16 for my Otari 8 track reel to reel?

Hi all, I have finally narrowed down the tpe of mixer that I want to purchase. THe only problem I have now is deciding whether I need to 8 channel Soundcraft fx 8 or the Soundcraft 16 channel fx 16 for my 8 track Otari reel to reel. I am mainly concerned with the ability or inability to record and monitor on the 8 channel board.