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Hey there, I had a similar post a couple of months back, and you guys have been great, so I'd like to turn to you for help again.

(Background, not important)
So basically, I have a podcast, I'm using Audio Hijack, and a RODE podcaster, it's a fine one man setup I think. So recently my friend joined, and using just one dynamic mic blows, so of course I ran out and bought another USB mic, turns out to be a mistake. We have tried to record the two mics at the same time using two separate computers, but first we encountered echo, then with the gain low enough it seemed fine. I have aligned the two tracks later in editing, but by the end of the show (1 hour) there has been some sort of echoy noise. I read up on it, and it seems like it's latency. Now I understand why professionals use old technology.

(Actual question)
So now I'm trying to get rid of these mics, and get a proper way to record two mics in the same room. Here is my plan: Buying two AT2020's or NT1-A's (both around £100) and a Scarlett 2i2. Would this work fine? Would I still be able to use audio Hijack? (I'm using it to play in music, phone calls over facetime and fart sound effects) Can the 2i2 power two mics that require 48V of phantom power?

Thank you so much



pcrecord Sat, 01/14/2017 - 18:29

USB mics arethe worst to work with if you want to get serious.
The Scarlet or presonus interfaces are good starting choices.
For the choice of mic, everybody goes to condencers but they are very bad choice if you have an untreated room because they will grab more ambiant noises/sounds.
Yes the 2i2 can power 2 mics.

Brother Junk Thu, 01/19/2017 - 06:54

pcrecord, post: 446633, member: 46460 wrote: The Scarlet or presonus interfaces are good starting choices.

One of my first DA's was the Scarlett 2i2 (I think that's the name) and I have no complaints. I should say, had, no complaints...because I can't find it anywhere. And I don't recall selling it. I'm also missing a bunch of laptops. Anyway...

I have an Mbox Pro now, which if I had to do over again, I wouldn't get. But the Scarlett unit was decent.

moonbaby Fri, 01/20/2017 - 15:42

You probably should stick with dynamic mics that are well-designed for live vocal use. These work to reject the room's reflections that LDC's tend to emphasize. This is due to the manufacturer's designing them in such a way as to minimize inducing feedback - same principles. I set my brother up with a Shure SM58 and a Scarlett for his Bible study podcasts and they 're working very nicely together. As you appear to be in the UK, the 58 is probably too expensive, but there are other choices better suited to your pocketbook. The Sennheiser 835 is a popular vocal mic that would fit the bill and is probably cheaper in the UK than the 58. Just don't be fooled by the "louder is better" mantra...sensitive condensers can be very counter-productive as they pick up too much of EVERYTHING, especially extraneous noises you don't need. The better the mic's "off-axis rejection", the less you will need of expensive room treatments.


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