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Bob Olhsson and Russ Terrana talk Motown and more on podcast

I really found this to be a wonderfully vibed podcast. I hope everyone else enjoys it too! This podcast has had other great guests too, worth checking out. Im definitely a fan.

@Bob Olhsson Thank you sir for taking time and doing this with Russ! It would be great to hear more podcasts with you guys and others from that group. There is a plethora of fun, educational, and otherwise information you can rely. Maybe something to consider when you get bored with the mic collection at Blackbird (lol)

Weekly Recording Studio Podcast from Fuseroom

Hello everyone!
This is Alberto from Fuseroom Berlin. Some weeks ago I started my own podcast that is going to cover topics of studio and music business, recording/mixing/mastering and audio production in general.

I thought it might be of interest to some of you, even for spending some time together, virtually, every week-end. If nothing, it's going to be my weekend therapy session!

I usually follow the format of:
- What's been going on in the week at Fuseroom
- Question of the week
- 2 things I've learnt this week

Hardware set up for live discussion recorded for Podcast

I'm looking to buy a bunch of audio equipment for amplifying/recording live talks in front of an audience.

I want to be able to record each mic as it's own .wav file (into my laptop using Adobe Audition or similar) before sending it to the PA so I can separately adjust gain during the live performance without affecting the recording.

Radio Podcast Equipment

Hey there!

I've been doing a Podcast for a while now but recently I've decided to step up my game a bit and start a daily show, but I need more serious equipment and I don't really no much about these hardwares.

I've been foolish enough to buy the RODE Podcaster, which as far as I know is a dead end due to it's inability to work with audio interfaces.

What I need is two Mics, the ability to fade in music, play audio clips while recording, take phone calls, and an overall close to radio experience.

Need Some Advice For a New Podcasting Setup

Hi - Funny thing about this request, is I knew how to do this 15 years ago. At that time, my partner and I had a live weekly internet radio show, using a Real Audio server in Michigan (we're in South Florida) way before anyone ever heard the word "podcast." I used my Mixpad 12 to feed the mic's and music from a PC and via a 2nd computer, sent it out to the Real Audio server.

DAC or ADC or Audio interface for podcasting/MIDI?

So I'm trying to set up an all in one home studio/workstation. I am wondering what device I need for my situation, be it a DAC (Digital Audio Converter) or a ADC (Audio Digital Converter) or an Audio Interface.

Currently, I plug my MIDI piano into my MacBook Pro via USB to monitor (via the headphone jack) using ATH-M50 headphones and record in GarageBand (using GarageBand as a MIDI controller).