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Pointers for Recording Acoustic Violin (first time)

Hello Recording Gurus,

I am (primarily) a classical violinist and newbie when it comes to microphones and all things audio/technical. I am looking for pointers for recording acoustic violin and piano (steinway grand). I'll be recording in a small recital hall with wonderful acoustics (and a good amount of reverb). Also, I have access to a number of different microphones as well as any other relevant equipment that would be needed to produce an EP (preamps, etc).

The full list of microphones I have access to is here.

Would love to get your experienced recommendations as to which mics to use, how many, and where to place them. For the violin, I was thinking of using the AKG C414 large diaphragm condenser placed above and 3 feet away as well as a second one further away for the room. For the piano I was thinking two Avantone CK-1 pencil mics on the piano to record in stereo. Does this sound like a good place to start?

Here is a reference recording of the sound I'd like to get in my final mix. Any guesses as to what the set up was for this recording? Is it even possible to guess at that based only on a recording? Haha.

Open to any and all thoughts on this. I do plan to experiment and move the microphones around a bit before recording. Also, this work is part of a thesis paper, so if you have any books/materials I could use for further research and to cite in the paper, that would be awesome!

Thanks so much for any assistance you can offer.