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recording violin

Pointers for Recording Acoustic Violin (first time)

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6 months 2 weeks
Hello Recording Gurus,

I am (primarily) a classical violinist and newbie when it comes to microphones and all things audio/technical. I am looking for pointers for recording acoustic violin and piano (steinway grand). I'll be recording in a small recital hall with wonderful acoustics (and a good amount of reverb). Also, I have access to a number of different microphones as well as any other relevant equipment that would be needed to produce an EP (preamps, etc).

Questions about low budget violin recording

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11 months

Hi all,
My sister-in-law is going to be doing some "pandemic" recording for grad school auditions and I was hoping to help her capture something nicer than what she was going to try with her phone or webcam or whatever. It's mostly solo classical violin pieces and a couple with piano. And if I'm being honest I'm also looking for an excuse to get myself some gear, since I've been interested in recording for a long time. I've done some research, mostly on forums like this one, and I was hoping to get a little advice on my planned setup.

Beginner recording classical solo violin

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1 year 2 months
Hello everyone,
I am totally new to audio recording and I am try to get into the subject. I will try to summarize all my struggles in a very simple way and hopefully get good advice on how to continue.

-What I need is to record classical violin solo pieces, both in recording sessions as in live performances (audio/video).
-Gears I have to use:
MICs: RODE NT55 matched pair on a stereo bar (cardioid and omni capsules available)
DAW: Studio One 3 Artist

Recording violin, violoncello and harpsichord

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4 years 1 month

I explain a little about my situation. I am a violinist and I have some experience in recordings (rather being recorded, which has given me some experience especially in editing) but I do not have much experience as far as recording equipment is concerned, now I only have a Zoom H6 and a couple of mics Studio Projects C4 with which I usually record some concerts.

Recording guitar, vocals & cello, violin LIVE with 2 mics?

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10 years 6 months
I'm recording a songwriter with 1 large condenser; vocals and acoustic guitar. Also, I'm micing a cello, and a violin with a rode ntg-2 shotgun. I'm running both into a Zoom H4N recorder. 

Here's a mock-up of how I intend to set up. Nix the back-up singers. Any ideas or tips?

recording a violin

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12 years 2 months
sorry about my english. i'm not american/
i play on violin and i want to record me in my comuter..
i have a good pick up in my violin (somthing of barcus-berry).
andd i connect a PL cable to my comuter. but the problem is that the sound isn't good!!!. it's sound metallic.
i will be happy if somone can guide me what i can do. thank you.

Recording a violin

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21 years
Hi guys,
I need suggestions about how to record my violin. Last recording session I put a Sennheiser ME 64 at 20 cm from the top of the violin. The high frequencies were too strong. Was the mic to close? I need the mic to be close to the instrument because I don't record in a soundproof studio. Furthermore, have you a diagram with the propagation angle of the frequencies of the violin?
Thank you in advance.

tips recording a violin

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14 years 7 months
so this Friday i will be recording one for the first time.
so far my plan of attack is to record her sitting down in a live room with a large dio condenser off axis about 3 feet above her.

as far as condensers go, this is what i got to work with

thanks for the tips.