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my name is Dane!

i am inspired by the music of Fez lately, The role music plays in puzzle games is fascinating. I have heard somewhere that listening to classical music or jazz heightens the listeners brain activity, and i think this is important to keep in mind when choosing music for a game. I love the moments when i'm playing fez or Zelda, Mario, the Sims, Tetris; and i find myself not only contemplating the tasks of the level but doing that while simultaneously bobbing my head or humming a melody. games are so much more enjoyable with well written music! i love putting a little bit of complexity into every piece of music that i do, not in an overpowering way, but in a way that makes the music appeal to both; seasoned music lovers, and the average gamer.

if you are developing a puzzle/rpg/adventure/platformer game, please email me at

here are some samples of my music.

if the soundcloud widget is not working you can visit this link [MEDIA=soundcloud]space-eel/sets[/media]

or you can download my tracks from dropbox here

impressed? email me,
or if you just want to chat, get at me!

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