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Recommended headphones for mastering?

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Hi all,
Currently using seinhenner hd200 headphones, but i find these to be too colourful for critical mastering. Any pro's out there got any recommendations for a decent set of phones? My room requires acoustic treatment before i can use it for critical mastering/mixing.


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Alécio Costa Thu, 08/21/2003 - 09:49
I´m sure no one uses headphones for mastering. They are nice to check efx, stereo image. No headphones would ever compete with the real world ( nice monitors + nice room + gear).

Besides, you need the interaction of the environment/room with what you are listening so as to evaluate the source material and make judgements.

The AKG K240M/DF is really sweet, nice sounding.

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chrisperra Fri, 08/22/2003 - 11:55
to me head phones are like mixing monitors, they are all different, some state that they are completely flat. and like speakers can sound radically different from each other.

i personally don't know of any that are true enough to master with them alone. but the akg 240's are very flat sounding. they mids and highs have great imaging, but the bottom end isn't as acurate.

however if you listen to a ton of music on them or another higher end brand of headphones. you can get a pretty good feel for things. i like cranking them up to listen for pops,fades, glitches ect. that i dont get on may mains.

some of the high end ones i've heard of are, sony, seinheiser, akg, audio technicas. keep in mind most of them have a set that are considered flat. and a set that have more exaggerated bass response.

both types are very usefull, but need some time spent listening to lots of music to get a handel on them.

chris perra