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Need help with Zoom/Headphones setup

We're doing music lessons via Zoom. I'm recording video via a camcorder connected to capture card. And using USB output from a ZED10FX mixer (voice mic, guitar and backing track) as the "mic" in Zoom. Using a TV as a monitor for the presenter to see the student. And using the speaker in the TV for the student's audio. So the presenter is just looking at the TV screen and hearing the student from the same TV.

The SubZero SZ-MH200 Monitoring Headphones

Hello everyone I'm brand new to this forum and I'm brand new into the recording world and looking for some advice on a particular set of headphones.. I can't seem to find reviews on the Sub zero SZ-MH200 headpnones themselves only the manufacturer. I was just wondering if anybody here has any info(quality etc) or has actually used these in a studio environment that can maybe shed a bit of light?

Peace and thanks in advance

Don't ever buy wireless headphones for music composing

Don't ever buy wireless headphones for music composing.
I wanted to cut the cord and get some headphones that didn't hurt my ears after 15 minutes or so. Also thought it would be nice to jam on some bass to songs without the corded headphones. So I bought these PowerBeats3 wireless headphones. Bad mistake! One word: Latency!

Affordable ADAT to Headphones unit ?

Hi gang !
I'm aiming in all directions with my current headphone amps for the artists.
I do have a Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL HA4700 but it's design makes it receive only one stereo signal and/or 4 analog. I currently use my old (preamp defective) Focusrite Liquid saffire 56 via ADAT for 2 more headphone amps and I keep my RME FF800 headphone out for me..

I wish I could use those ADAT port to power 2 or 4 headphone amp without breaking the bank.
Any suggestions ?

headphone splitter and In ear monitors/earbuds questions

I'm shooting some music instructional videos in a residential home basement. Due to problems with mic bleed, I've convinced the subject to wear headphones for listening to himself, and his assistant musician during the shoot as opposed to speakers.

I have an Allen & Heath ZED10FX mixer. (guitar and piano are recorded direct, not mic'd) Since I need to get headphones for two people, I plan to connect the headphones output of the mixer to this unit I found on Amazon:

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Digital piano headphone output signal is low and noisy when connected as line

Hi all,
Looking for some help here...

I have a digital piano Yamaha YDP-163 which has 2 headphone jacks as audio outputs. Sadly, no AUX OUT or LINE OUT jacks so only headphones.
When plugging a single pair of headphones to either of the headphone jacks, the audio signal is clean, clear and loud with very good signal to noise ratio.
Now, i wish to be able to record audio from this piano into my PC using RME Fireface 400 inputs.