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i use eq116 for mastering.
there are two types of high shelf mode 6db oct and 12db oct for high self. but
the senses are different.
Which one do you usually prefer? 6db oct or 12db oct for High Freq Shelf Eq ? (eq116)

every music is different ok but, I'm really curious about the overall approach

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pcrecord Thu, 04/12/2018 - 18:03

The high shelf modes changes how drastic the curve go up or down to achive full cut or boost right ? My reflex would be choosing the gentle option.
My first thoughts are; why high shelf to begin with ? While doing mastering I don't remember seeing a song needing an equal boost or cut for all high frequencies.
Usually I'd do subtle changes with the narrowest effects possible to the problems and I try not to touch what doesn't need to be.
It's easy to create problems while trying to fix things.
All in all there isn't any do it all recipe. The source would always dictacte what it needs to shine ;)


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