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I am not in the business, I just record stuff at home, but I have noticed like on NBC, I am seeing Sennheiser (i think e945?) mics for handheld use where
before it was our trusty 58 or the Electro-Voice "hammer" mic. I was just wondering if people like Remy or whoever see this more and more? No reason for asking
other than I like learning about mics.

And i know the new "standard" if whatever it is exists, doesn't mean they are "better". Just curious what you guys think.


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anonymous Sun, 01/06/2013 - 11:20

Who's to say?

Certainly we have broadcast pros here who could chime in more accurately than myself on the subject...

But it could be something as simple as a network's endorsement of the mic because they're getting them for free or at a reduced price.

After all, the best advertising for a manufacturer is for one professional organization to see another using a particular piece of gear...

And ok, maybe that's a bit hypothetical, maybe a bit of a stretch, but we do know one thing for sure, don't we? You saw it and it was enough to pique your interest... now times that by 100, or even a thousand others, industry pros or not...

That kind of notice could sell a lot of product. ;)

In my humble opinion, of course.


moonbaby Mon, 01/07/2013 - 13:07

This is also determined by the RIDER that the talent sends in ahead of the show, stating the specifics of the production gear that they require....
NBC, for example, uses Sennheiser handheld wireless condensers for their Today Show staff during outdoor segments.
But in their indoor music segments during that same show, there are likely to be Shure Beta's on the vox, KSM32's as OH's, etc.
A friend of mine who has freelanced on that show told me once that the tech directors argue where what products are going to be placed where. I guess that politics works its' way into all aspects of our lives!

anonymous Mon, 01/07/2013 - 18:28


So, snicker, Its like everywhere else. They might have done testing and bla bla bla or...(if not in a rider) , they sent free ones to NBC or whoever, and
someone liked it. :) Someone who probably who is losing the high end of their hearing range and liked the extra treble. :)

A friend years ago told me on the Tonight show in the early 70's, he would see different mics all over from time to time, and guessed they would think
something is the best then...oh wait...did you hear that new mic? lets use those! :)

Damn it, you didn't see this on the Lawrence Welk show until they got more "Mod-wren". EV omni mics (i think) were king then, baby. :)

Have you ever seen late 60's early 70's concert footage, like Hendrix at the isle of Wight where they have regular mic like the Shure 565 and taped
to it (and why not use brightly colored tape!) would be what looks like a SDC? because they are recording. Does anyone know if SDC's were used
for recording vocals (I assume in England, because I see them on some of the old Old Grey Whistle Test shows).

thanks very much.