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single core vs dual core

Hi everybody!
I have a question:
My neighbour is selling his dual core system. It is a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+, 2.01 Ghz, 2x512Mb RAM. The RAM is upgradable to 8Gb

He has given it to me for a try out. My plan is to use it for DAW and for videoprocessing.

Right now, I have a single core setup.
AMD Athlon 2800+, 2.08 GHz, 2x512Mb RAM. The RAM is not upgradable.

Both systems have a 128 Mb videocard, so I have to invest in that part for videoprocessing.

And my question is if a dual core system is worth buying as opposed to a single core. In regards to DAW use.

On my single core I use Cubase SX3, Battery2, The Grand, GuitarRig.
And am planning to use that also on the dual core.

Thanks. 8-)


cfaalm Sat, 10/20/2007 - 06:48
Technically a dual core is a step forward from single core. Cubase loves dual cores. Also video editing will work faster.

Get the exact specs and post the same question again. What motherboard? What socket AM2/s939?

My PC is similar, AMD s939 X2 3800+, Gigabyte KNF9 Ultra NF4, 2GB RAM, 256 RAM video card, but only GeForce 6800.

A lot depends on the price your neighbour asks. If it is dirt cheap then you have a nice deal.

3 things to consider these days:
AMD AM2 CPUs are really cheap, an
Intel C2D are better CPUs
What's your budget.

The best thing I can think of is compare his rig to prices on Newegg and decide if it is worth your money.

drumsab Sun, 10/21/2007 - 12:31
It has a NVIDIA Geforce 6600 GT

And some standard NVIDIA Audio. I would have to invest in that, a good soundcard. On my single core I have the Creative Soundblaster Audigy ZS2, but I am in doubt as to switch it to the dual core, or to purchase a whole new one and then go for the emu or focusrite or line 6.

All in all, up til now, I am very pleased with it.
My Pinnacle videosoftware is running like a charm and my music is running smoothly also!