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Studio Photos - Add Yours!

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i have searched around and was unable to find many pics of our users setups. although i dont know if this is a good spot, i figured it would be nice to see how people have gone about setting up their control rooms and live rooms/booths. perhaps it can inspire others!

hopefully you will agree....


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bent Wed, 04/23/2008 - 05:40
very nice bent. this is in a building of somesort i assume?

what dimensions are the rooms?

what board is that?

Yes, it's located in a commercial warehouse complex here in Brevard.

It's only 750sq feet, but it suits us well.

That is a Crest HP-8 (40 ch).

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13 years 11 months

bent Wed, 04/23/2008 - 05:47
Off the top of my head?

Too many drugs in the '80s, I'd actually have to take a measuring tape up there.

The live room is about 13' x 18'.

The mix room is about 11' x 19'.

The front room is around 12' x 14'.

The iso is something like 7' x 11'.

The bathroom and kitchenette round out the rest.