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Any thoughts on a Tangent 3216 console from the 70s? just picked it up 24 ins inline,tt bay,P&G faders,beautiful solid walnut factory stand producers desk,doesnt sound all too bad, recapped a few channels and its very quiet in the two track outs and punchy, hybrid mic preamps transistor followed by an lf351 op-amp,not too much in the way of sends two effect and two for cues both pre /post,..oh did i mention its huge!


moonbaby Mon, 12/19/2005 - 11:25

I sold Tangent stuff back in the stone age! I can't remember what company they were a spin-off from, but I was surprised that they sounded pretty decent compared to a lot of the other boards on the market back then. Plenty of gain, noise levels weren't too bad, and the things had enough internal real estate so that working on them wasn't a nightmare for our techs. I seem to remember that they had these funky shiny-colored knobs. Oh well, sometimes the good die young....too bad it wasn't Peavey!

moonbaby Mon, 12/26/2005 - 08:59

Interesting posts. I believe that Tangent was formed by some guys who worked at Sunn, but I'm not 100% positive. I did notice that the Sunn Magna series and the Tangents were very similar designs. I had a Magna and some Yammies back then, and I considered both were better quality than the other brands that I sold. Tangents and Peavey were very popular with the "road warrior" bar bands, and the Tangents definitely were the better quality of the 2, but back in the 70's, Peavey was especially cheesey. Go figure.

Zekeman Tue, 12/27/2005 - 13:45

Wish i didnt go to google they didnt have much good to say about the tangent but i laugh when i read that %$#^&!! ive owned some fantastic consoles Shere eclipse A, MCI 428,Soundcraft 2400 and ive been ive been in the bizz for 30 yaers now i know whats good and not..i still own a beautiful Soundworkshop series 34B with diskmix auto nice console recorded some AC/DC Aerosmith bla bla bla..any way my point is that the tangent actually sounds fantastic this is no live sound console it is a full recording console 8 feet wide and almost 4 feet deep it is bigger than it has to be but its funny how it sounds as big as it looks and also has some fantastic transparency..sounds super with my MCI recorders..and for 1500 clams who would complain its in mint condition puts the Mackie Maddness to shame and many others ive owned along the way!

moonbaby Tue, 12/27/2005 - 14:10

Soundworkshop..America's version of Tascam (before Otari bought 'em out)! Cool...Don't worry about what they say about the Tangents....those were the PA boards, back when the difference between "PA" and "recording" was a BIG one. I remember the brochure on showed various modules you could get for it. Does it still have the colored-anodized aluminum knobs? I don't doubt that it sounds better than the MCI 400 series-those were d-a-w-g-s!
I used to say that MCI stood for Mush(or Mud) City Inc. They got much better with the 500-600 series. Anyway, $1500.00 sounds like quite a deal. And I'll bet it looks way cool in the CR...PEACE.

Zekeman Wed, 12/28/2005 - 08:59

No i dont woory about what prople say i think its fuuny i can only imagine what they own or have owned or what acts they have recorded ... i recorded some pro acts on the mci and the soundworkshop thats how much some people know(ha ha), besides you know what is said about opinions! the MCI was the thing on the east coast back then but what a terrible bland sound and the soundworkshop is very up front and punchy still has a place in rock music the grunge acts in Washignton state luv em from what i understand.But this tangent is weird a low budget recording board at the time and it still sounds very cool and it has the neutrik style knobs still colored but not shiny those from what i understand were anodized aluminum like you mentioned and too expensive for what the consoles were selling for boy i wish it still had them..and yes does it look good in my CR sort of like an MCI 600 lots of wood and this one has the solid walnut wood option the stand and sides and producers desk are all real solid about some of the consoles today, some nice sturdy plastic oh i forgot consoles come in a box now and you can carry them can we say junk... oh ya i have the original brochure you mention with this particular tangent showing all the different modules and such.. very cool...

anonymous Sat, 04/08/2006 - 16:25

Zekeman, i have a tangent as well and it's quiet and very nice sounding. i'm in the process of modding it, recapping and upgrading the IC's. i have all schematics but seemed to have lost the one for the I/o module. If you have it can you email it to me? I would be very greatful. Also, i can help you with what mods to do if you're interested. Thanks!

A@R Audio Mon, 10/06/2014 - 17:43

JLardiz, I have a Tangent 3216 got power supply and board and channel strips are all complete the only thing i am missing is how to connect the power to board, I need some help on this. since you mentioned that you have some schematics tell me how much per one copy, please, they had this board at Joey Records San Antonio, a good sounding board.


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