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tangent consoles

Tangent 3216 recording console

Any thoughts on a Tangent 3216 console from the 70s? just picked it up 24 ins inline,tt bay,P&G faders,beautiful solid walnut factory stand producers desk,doesnt sound all too bad, recapped a few channels and its very quiet in the two track outs and punchy, hybrid mic preamps transistor followed by an lf351 op-amp,not too much in the way of sends two effect and two for cues both pre /post,..oh did i mention its huge!

tangent console ?

hello everyone,my name is daniel and i've been into recording for 4 years now.mostly i record a few friends and anything i'm involved in. it'll started when i found an otari 8 track at a local pawn shop and since then the gear just keeps accumulating.lately i've been seeing a 12 channel tangent console in the local paper here for $ isn't clear which modelit is but it does have a "few" bad channels. my question is what is tangents reputation like?And would it be an interesting project to fix it.



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