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Tearing my Hair out..

Let me know if i start becoming annoying with all these questions.

Ok. Im now between the Motu Ultralite and the M-Audio 1814 as an upgrade from the two channel m-audio interface i have now.
My buddy at Guitar Center says that the 1814 has better specs... yknow the ADAT and such. Personally I like the Motu's CueMix DSP software. I dont think the 1814 has software like that... not sure tho. Anyone know?
The Ultralite is a little more dough but - which is the better unit...

thats basically it.. just wanted a general consensus. anyone?




RemyRAD Sun, 08/20/2006 - 22:14
I take a Slim view of this question??

Both of those units are quite good but I don't see what kind of a step up you think you are going to get over your existing device?? The two devices you're looking at only have 2 microphone inputs, like your current unit, albeit they have numerous line level inputs. Are your only requirements 2 simultaneous microphones? There are other units available by those and other manufacturers that feature up to 8 simultaneous microphone inputs that can also function as line level inputs. All of these manufacturers all include drivers and software to control the hardware. If you happen to like the MOTU Cue Mix software, then I think you have answered your own question?

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Ms. Remy Ann David

Pro Audio Guest Tue, 08/29/2006 - 08:44
I own an Maudio Delta 66 and it has a software mixer that gives you control over the mixer parameters both input and output. You can adjust bit rate, sampling frequency, gain, monitor levels, routing. latentcy control, etc... I am not 100% about the 1814, but my best guess woud be that it has some kind of control software. You could go to the Maudio site and check it out and maybe email or call them confirm your questions. They also post all there drivers and manuals online. I noticed they also have an FAQ section. Look under the "Support" option from the list on the left side of the webpage.
Hope it helps you.

Pro Audio Guest Sun, 08/20/2006 - 22:50
i apologize for not being more specific. No I do not require more than 2 micrphone inputs. The other equipment I have is all line - a couple keyboards - MPC drum machine- etc. So one of these two should be sufficient enough to take care of my mic requirements. (as my current interface has only one mic input and 2 line inputs...) blah.

so remy, the 1814 has software to control the unit? cuz i look on sites and see no mention of it...

thank you.

RemyRAD Sun, 08/20/2006 - 23:45
To be honest I'm really not sure but because the unit has numerous inputs, the Microsoft mixer application is woefully inadequate to address the capabilities of that device. I haven't found any sound card that doesn't include some kind of mixer applet. Now how does it address the latency problems? That's a complicated question. The MOTU unit advertises very low latency and I'm not sure what the other unit indicates? The manufacturers are aware of this problem and many have methods for dealing with. The least expensive bargain devices may not?

Having a FireWire device that offers up to 8 microphones, that can double as line inputs, is really a wiser choice because "I only need 2 Mic inputs" are famous last words. In this particular application "less is more" may not be applicable? As soon as you get a real drummer, you won't have enough microphone inputs.

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