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Terminology help?

Hi, I would like to know wath CUE, WEDGE and PAD means, my main langauge is spanish and I am not sure wath these words means, thanks for you're help in advance.


David French Mon, 03/20/2006 - 15:32
Cue usually means a mix that is specifically for a given person in a band or ensemble: a cue mix.

A wedge is a speaker that sits onstange in front of a performer. It is used to help performers to hear themselves, and it is so named because it looks like a wegde.

A pad is an electronic device, usually built into a microphone or a recording console. Its just it to lower the level of a strong signal to something more manageable.

RemyRAD Mon, 03/20/2006 - 15:48
Zoro, I have loved all of your movies but Unfortunately I no habla Espanol, so I will try to explain in my best high school dropout English.

Cue: to provide generally a pre-fader auxiliaries send, mostly used for headphones and/or stage monitor speakers. Also to let somebody know to start doing something. A disc jockey for instance may also want to " queue up a record" or " cue up a record" or even " que up a record". Also has been referred to as "Que" or "Q.", which was a character in many James Bond films as well as a character in Star Trek the Next Generation and which also has other meanings, as in storing something that you have placed something " within the queue".

WEDGE : is generally a term given to an on stage speaker that sits on the floor which is not a conventional box but a box with a special shape that is angled up towards the performers. Sometimes also when somebody grabs the back of your underwear and pulls it up abruptly, sometimes referred to as a "wedgy" which can make for big laughs. Can also be confused with " wedge way did he go?"

PAD : when a microphone signal exceeds the input capability of the microphone preamplifier, sometimes a pad is inserted, between the microphone in the preamplifier or if a condenser microphone is subjected to excessive sound pressure level, one may need to switch on the microphones internal pad to prevent the microphone electronics from being overloaded, even before it gets to the input of the microphone preamplifier. It "pads" the sound down, to a predetermined level, generally with a combination of resistors. Can also refer to a cool apartment or living space, as in " what a nice pad you have here". Also something that may be available at a drugstore as a piece of female personal hygiene necessity, generally referred to as something sanitary.

I hope this explanation makes you understand better?
¿Espero estas marcas de la explicación que usted entiende mejor?
Ms. Remy Ann David

Pro Audio Guest Mon, 03/20/2006 - 17:23
Cuando un músico está jugando, él desea oírse. Entonces, un sistema de los sonidos tendrá dos mezclas separadas... una para las audiencias, y una para el músico. El que esta' para el músico se llama la mezcla de la "CUE".

Muchas veces, la señal de un micrófono es demasiado fuerte. Debe ser atenuada antes de que pueda entrar el mezclador. Un "PAD" es un resistor eléctrico que hace la señal más pequeña, más débil, así que no torcerá el mezclador

Una "WEDGE" es simplemente el altavoz del monitor en el piso delante del ejecutante, de que señala para arriba en su cara.

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