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I have a Country/Gospel gig coming in that I can use as a reason to get a mic or two. They have two female singers and one male. I have not worked with the girls before but have not had really good luck with my existing mics with female singers.

AT4050 x2
GT 66
GT 44 x2
SM57 x3
e609 silver
MXL 603 x2

My pres are

API 3124 (I have not used it on female singers before)
M-Audio Tampa
Aardvark Q10

I am trying to decide between getting a U195 or an SM7 + an AT4047. I can get either for around $900.00 new. Part of me wants to do both the SM7 and AT4047 (I think I could use both now and later) but if the U195 is that much better, it may be worth it. Also the U195 price looks like I could unload it with no loss if I didn't like it, but that wouldn't help with this gig. Any input would be helpful.



Davedog Tue, 08/30/2005 - 16:19

That IS a heck of a problem.....Do I choose between (arguably) three of the most versatile and usable mics on the planet....or....

The Soundelux will amaze and astound with what it can do at that price range. It will always be worth that price.

The SM7 and the 4047 are two of the best 'swiss-army-knife mics out there.

Here's one approach....what do you have in your collection you would feel comfortable with putting on any type of acoustic instrument? Do you record heavy male vocals at all? Do you have an incredible room mic for drum tracks?

The fact you have 4050's already sends my choice towards the Soundelux. I know they are different than the 4047, but its not that much. The 195 is the answer to the first and last of my questions .....

Soundelux....with a longing for the other two.

I also think that with this mic, your GT66 will get a lot less use.