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shure sm7b

Terratec DMX 6Fire vs SSL2 for ShureSM7B

I know absolutely nothing about this stuff so I just wanted to check with you which one is better.
Im planning to record some youtube videos and the mic I'm going to use is Shure SM7B. So since its an XLR mic I need some sort of audio interface.

I know SSL2 is going to work fine with Shure but I already have Terratec DMX 6Fire, do you think this will work fine?

Is SM7B a good choice for this artist?

Hi guys!

I have a client that I have been struggling with finding the correct mic for. He has a really sharp s sound so any of my condensers where out of the question the minute I heard his rap vocals. Here is an example of a song he recorded using an AKG c3000 and I mixed and mastered. (he is the fist rapper)


Is this a decent vocal setup for SM7b?

I am purchasing an SM7b for vocals. I will be doing a singer/songwriter set-up, just vocals and midi piano. I was looking at this setup:

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface
A-Designs P-1 Pre
I am running Reaper on Windows 7

Is this a good setup? Out of curiosity, if I only purchased the first two items and used the built-in pre in the Focusrite (maybe with a cloudlifter), how much difference would there be in sound quality than using an external pre like the AD P-1? $800 worth? Enough for the casual listener to tell?

SE Reflexion and Shure SM7B

Im starting to setup my studio again. Do you think this might be over kill for a clean vocal? Inside the SE Reflexion is the Shure SM7B. As you can see i have panels. So when i stand behind mic, there will be a panel behind me/back facing panel. The stand is directed between the two panels but is usually right in front of the one on the wall to left (with space of course for me to stand in between).

Looking for audio interface / mic preamp recommendations (spoken vocals, Shure SM7B)

Hi all! I'm putting together a home studio and am looking for some recommendations before I buy.

As for my situation, I'm recording spoken vocals for audio-only video games -- essentially radio dramas with some interactive elements. For now I only need to record 1 actor at a time, but I want my studio to support more than that in case I need multiple simultaneous actors later on.

SM7B r77 mod or e100s for soft voice

i have three choices
i need a new vocal mic
just all around vocal mic, form a to z

my choices are:

1. mod my r77 that i already have
2. get a sm7b
3. or get a cad e100s

now with the r77 that i already have, i think it sounds alright but I'm pretty sure a mod would make it sound better, i am using a fethead booster to use it with my onboard phantom power, so i could mod the r77 and maybe or maybe not get a better preamp

Microphone articles & shootout: SM7B, SM57, Beta 58A, BG2.1, RE20, AT4050

Hi microphone lovers! I wrote some articles and created sound clips for a bunch of microphones on Gear-Wiki. I thought I'd share the links as I hope this can be useful.

[=""]Shure SM7B dynamic broadcast/vocal microphone[/]="http://www.gear-wik…"]Shure SM7B dynamic broadcast/vocal microphone[/]

Interface for SM7b

I have recently acquired an SM7b and find that it requires a lot of gain to get it to pick up. I am running it to an Edirol FA 101 and am getting a gross amount of hiss in my recordings with this mic. I have never experienced this with any of my other mics on the Edirol (AT 3035, AT 4050) though I don't need much gain with them. so. I am thinking I need a converter that offers cleaner gain. .

I have been recommended the Profire 610. .thoughts?

I would like to spend as little as possible haha


Need a new vocal mic under 500. Any suggestions? Avantone CV-12? SM7b?

I am looking for a new vocal mic. I currently have a RØDE ntk but not crazy about it. Seems a little to harsh. Any suggestions for under 500 dollars?
(style is similar to coldplay/u2 stuff.)

I was considering the Shure SM7B or avantone cv-12. Any other suggestions or thoughts?