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Using more than one computer for recording

I have 2 extra Windows XP Quads that I bought for http://Audioimpress…"]Welcome | Audio Impressions, Inc.[/]="http://Audioimpress…"]Welcome | Audio Impressions, Inc.[/] DVZ Strings that never got past go.:mad: Not sure why their website it still active.

They are sitting here now and I'm thinking I should incorporate them into my system.

Anyone here ever use addition CP's for streaming libraries and tracking audio?
How do I do this, pros/ cons?


Boswell Wed, 07/07/2010 - 09:00

Not recommended for real-time operations. The TCP/IP protocol stacks needed for inter-machine communication can burn more CPU power than you would save by having those tasks running on one multi-core computer properly set up for audio. For large-scale audio processing (high channel count, many plug-ins, streaming libraries etc), you should have the external communication processes disabled anyway. Do file transfers, version updates and the like via USB memory sticks or CD/DVDs.

Non-real time operations such as off-line rendering are a different story.