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What tape for +9 ?

For fx and MAYBE mixdown purposes I have gotten a otari mtr 12 1/4" 2 track.

Its been near 5 years since I last worked at a studio with analog machines and it seems tape has changed a bit.

I checked for 499 as I want to hit it plus 9, but no store seemed to want to carry Quantegy, who carries Ampex( thats how long I been away)

they had some basf 900 and 911 or something. which one will handle +9 at 30 and 15 ips well?
does basf still ruin tape heads?



tvphobic Tue, 04/30/2002 - 12:44


I've been using BASF 911 since AGFA PEM469 stopped being made. I had been using 469 and 456 subject to availability. Martin Bisi can take responsibility for bringing BASF 911 to our studio for the first time and pointing out the physical observations: check how good the slitting is (edges consistently parallel ) In addition, it's very resistant to shedding, keeps a hot signal in all frequency ranges. (retentivity) and is all in all an excellent product. When people started to come into my studio with a desire for +9, I tried 996, 499, and was OK by the sound of both but not impressed with the physical charactertics of either. When BASF Maxima 900 came out, which has in my view the hot signal, high S/N, and superior consistency I had my tape for those "large dynamic range" sessions. I still use 911 for "all loud" rock. I haven't used Quantegy since '96, so I can't speak for their current production runs. FYI, I was on a Studer A80-24 and A80-2 until 1999. Since then it's a sweet A800 MK. IV and an ATR102.