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Hi All!

I'm looking for a pre that's not quite as dark as the Great River with a little more high end. Something that will give a nice presence to my vocals that has a vibe and is not too sterile/clean.

Which would compliment my Great River ME-1NV...Pacifica or Daking Pre/EQ...or something else?

My mics are Soundelux 251c and SM7. My vox is male rock/pop.



RonanChrisMurphy Fri, 09/25/2009 - 15:22

They are both great and you will not go wrong with either one. I have compared the side by side. with the pad switch in the out position on the Pacifica, the two units have a fairly similar sound, but putting the pad switch in changes the sound of the Pacifica quite a bit (in a way I really like), so I think the Pacifica is a little like getting two pre flavors in one, and would suggest that. But no need to loose sleep over it, either one will be a great choice. I am just a really big fan of the Pacifica.