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daking audio


Started making audio gear back in 1993 when there were only a few making outboard equipment for small home studios. Since then, hundreds of small and large manufacturers make gear. Just open the Sweetwater catalog. I like to think we are pioneers in this little industry. A lot of this grew from dissatisfaction with modern audio equipment. More and more people commented that new audio equipment did not sound as good as older equipment. Plus, there were almost no first rate manufacturers offering products to the rapidly growing “Prosumer” market.

Best mic paired with daking mic preamp one preamp

Hello all,
Just wanted to throw a quick question out to you veterans. I recently purchased Daking pre mic one, and i was just curious to see if there were any specific mics that run well with that pre amp. My ideal price range would be somewhere sub 400, but if its well worth the money in relation to the upgrade in quality, i would be willing to spend more. What do you guys think? Thank you.

Daking FET 3 Stereo Compressor

The Daking FET III Stereo Compressor is new dual channel limiter from Geoff Daking, built in the US with the same audio path and detector circuits as our highly successful single channel Daking FET II limiter. The FET III compressor circuitry and gain stages are all discrete and fully Class "A" with sound quality that will be at the very top of the scale. Our previous single channel FET II was known for its speed, high performance and its unique ability to sound great on an extraordinary variety of sources.

Daking vs UA

Hello all,

Ive been debating amongst a few mic preamps and narrowed it down to 2.

Daking MicPre w/ EQ and UA LA-610

I have experience with the LA using a Neumann tlm 103 and soundelux 195 in another studio (20 songs worth exp). However NO experience with the Daking, but by reviews it seems very good.

I currently use a Avalon vt737sp and for mics I have Mojave MA 200, AKG c3000b and Sterling ST77...

Use will be primarily male vocals, pop, hip hop and rnb and occasional female rnb.

Which Pre to compliment a Great River ME-1NV (Pacifica vs. Daking)?

Hi All!

I'm looking for a pre that's not quite as dark as the Great River with a little more high end. Something that will give a nice presence to my vocals that has a vibe and is not too sterile/clean.

Which would compliment my Great River ME-1NV...Pacifica or Daking Pre/EQ...or something else?

My mics are Soundelux 251c and SM7. My vox is male rock/pop.


CL 7602 vs Focusrite ISA One vs Daking Mic Pre One?


I'm looking for to upgrade my recording chain. I am currently using an M-Audio Tampa as my main preamp.
I have read good things about the Chameleon Labs 7602, Focusrite ISA One and Daking Mic Pre One and they seem to offer excellent performance and value.

I've been offered a secondhand Chameleon Labs 7602 for a good price which means I could keep my Tampa and buy the 7602 giving me two flexible channels.

Alternatively I could sell my Tampa and buy the Focusrite ISA One or Daking Mic Pre One?

Anyone using the Daking compressor?

Doing alternative rock stuff. I was thinking of trying a pair of distressors on the 2-bus. I already use one on kick and snr. The (compress the sh*t out of them and blend routine).Course I'd have to run a tone to make sure they are matched. That can be a PITA. Was looking for a good 2-bus compressor. Thought the Daking might be cool. Any thoughts or comments appreciated.