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Amps suddenly stopped working in stereo but still work in bridged.

I've got 4 Accusonic/Show amps (2 x PSA-3900, 2 x PSA-31500), all four of them were working in all modes (stereo, bridged, parallel/mono). The following day I was testing them out and all of a sudden all four amps only work in bridged mode but not stereo mode or parallel/mono mode. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this before? I'm testing each one on their own so it shouldn't be a power supply/voltage drop issue. The only thing the four of them had in common is that they were all plugged into the same power bar running through a DBX Driverack PA2.

Chamelon Labs 7602 - desoldered cable

Hi all, 

first of all please sorry for my english :) 

Yesterday I realized that the MIC input knob doesn't work with the values under the "off" selection (beetween +20 and +50).

After unmounted it I've seen that a cable is desoldered but I've got no idea to where he was soldered...

Any tips?? possibly with a photo since I don't have great electronics skills :D 

I took a picture of the "free" cable and another to where the other side of the cable is connected\plugged. 

Thank you very much :D 

ISO AMEK MOZART 56 channel console talkback battery

Hello all. 

I have a friend who has a studio who is Looking for a talkback system Battery for an AMEK MOZART 56-channel console, and I thought  that someone here might be able to point me in a good direction to begin searching.
If you have any advice on where to begin my search, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I am also interested in finding the Manual for the AMEK MOZART 56-channel console, so I can see if there is a part number for said battery.

RME forced to use other chips for the foreseeable future

Global chip crisis with extreme never before encountered production and distribution challenges.

Apart from that, at the end of 2020 a fire destroyed AKM's production facilities for AD and DA converter chips. A resumption of production and thus availability of these components is not expected before 2022. Therefore, many manufacturers - like RME - are forced to either discontinue products based on AKM chips, or to use other chips for the foreseeable future.

Studer A807 Mk 1 Software 30/88

Machine had fault were 50 V fuse kept blowing. I think that was loose reel turntable causing the Reel drive to crossbar the supply, whenever it got out of step. That sorted, but now unable to align the Audio.
Unable to get any change in adjustment parameters in Level, hf for Repro Sync and record. All speed, All eq.
BUT can control bias level.
It was storing tape position. ( Latest test, seem to indicate that no that is not happening, but unsure about the reliability of this test).
My fear is that it a faulty MCM2802. eeprom chip.

Help ISP decimator pro rack G guitar convert to stereo mod version

hi everyone, i have an isp decimator g pro rack guitar version, for my marshall 9200, jmp1, jfx 1 configuration i would need the stereo mod version, i tried to look for used ones, but i couldn't find any. Opening the frame of my decimator I noticed that there is the possibility to convert it from guitar to stereo and vice versa. At the top left is indicated a legend of the position of the components that must be added or removed according to the version to be obtained, the problem that the values of the individual components are not described.



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