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FBT M12X4 preamp-mixer problems

Hi everyone. I recently found a used FBT M12X4 preamp unit and apparently there is a problem with one of the 2 channels (tested in every input).
I have experience on repairing stuff but i can’t find any schematic or service manual online.
Does anyone have the schematic for that unit or any idea of any similar fbt device.

2007 APB Dynasonic Spectra T24i Right Channel Issue

I have a analog APB Dynasonic Spectra t24i that is a great sounding board but has developed an issue.  The right channel no longer returns any sound on any of the 24 channels.  Solo and all the Aux channels are perfect.  I've cleaned ribbon cables and replaced three fans in it.  It was dropped by the delivery company hard enough to crack the plastic on the side.

1970s vintage mixing desk power supply and origin

hi there everyone. i recently picked up this old mixing desk for a good price and ive been wanting to try and get it up and running and see what it sounds like. my first step is that i need to get a 4 pin power supply cable to power the unit and wanted to see if anyone knew exactly what voltage and everything something like this would need.


Alesis imultimix 8 repair

I have an alesis imultimix 8 usb mixer the power connector wires have come off that connect to the power connector which sits on back of mixer can anyone tell me how these connect back on please the connector has 1,2,3 labelled on it but i have no idea where the different wires go to any help or photos of another one be very much appreciated and grateful 

Amps suddenly stopped working in stereo but still work in bridged.

I've got 4 Accusonic/Show amps (2 x PSA-3900, 2 x PSA-31500), all four of them were working in all modes (stereo, bridged, parallel/mono). The following day I was testing them out and all of a sudden all four amps only work in bridged mode but not stereo mode or parallel/mono mode. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this before?

Chamelon Labs 7602 - desoldered cable

Hi all, 

first of all please sorry for my english :) 

Yesterday I realized that the MIC input knob doesn't work with the values under the "off" selection (beetween +20 and +50).

After unmounted it I've seen that a cable is desoldered but I've got no idea to where he was soldered...

Any tips?? possibly with a photo since I don't have great electronics skills :D