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Headphones output of guitar amp into Mixer input?

I have a Fender Champion 20 guitar amp and a Pyle Professional PAD43MXUBT mixer. This mixer doesn't have a HiZ guitar button on either of the channels. I haven't plugged the guitar into the channel and increased the gain to see if it gets enough signal. If it doesn't, can I take the headphones out from the amp and go into the mixer's line input on channel 1 or 2?

Bass on grand piano

Lately I’ve been experimenting with a 2 piece band.  Grand piano/drums/vocals.

I’m using a Shure beta 52 over the piano bass strings heavily lowpassed at 200Hz and sidechain gated to one of 2 contact mics attached to the underside of the soundboard. I’m using C-Ducers.   They give me rich sound.  I’m also adding a stereo pair of Behringer C2’s for air.

Akai Sampler


After many years I am looking to reconnect with around 200 akai floppy disks and have questions if you can advise please.

is there a viable route to connect them  to iMac either with a sampler( sold years ago)?

Floppy disks:what is needed to read them and transfer to the iMac? Or what is needed for Sampler to iMac ?