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4 track recorder

Vintage AMPEX 440 4 Track Recorder Problem

I just got a 1967 Ampex 440 4 Track Recorder and it has one problem that I can't figure out. When I press the play button or any other button on the control panel it the does the same thing. The rewind motor goes into rewind mode and the take up reel goes into fast forward mode. So, it is running in rewind and fast forward at the same time. Again, it doesn't matter which button you push it always does this. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Old cassette based 4 track recorder

Hi all, my first post!

I've recently rediscovered all my old four track recordings from the 80's and 90's (yes, I'm getting on a bit!) and want to listen to them again, however, I do not have the original Tascam Porta 05 four track recorder they were recorded on - does anyone know if I could successfully play these tapes back on any cassette based 4 track recorder, or will they only really respond to being played back on another Tascam Porta 05? (they seem to be a bit rare on the UK ebay site!)

Thanks in advance.

Basic 4 track recorder for long recording ?

I've had a ZOOM 4-track recorder ( I think it was $200.00 ? ) for a few years but realized that the unit is only capable of recording "shorter" recordings, not 3+ hours continuosly. Now,I have the ZOOM H4 which has a 4-track built in, but, I'd still rather have a unit with larger control buttons & sliders.
If my ZOOM 4-track was capable of long recordings, it would be perfect.
Is there anything on the market like this for under $400.00 ?




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