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8 channel preamp/converter, to use as stand alone pre converter and DAW interface

Please i am looking for any suggestion about a good quality audio interface to use as stand alone preamp / converter (lightpipe) for my ALESIS HD24 (8 channel) and as daw interface with logic or Pro Tools on mac book pro, via FW,
is there something around?

should i or shouldn't i, sell three preamps to get 4/8 channel rack mount

I need to consolidate 3 preamps that aren't rack friendly. I have an api 512c, purple biz, and a groove tubes brick. I want to be able to replace those with a one or two space, 4 or 8 channel preamp. what do you recommend. I want to be able to have all my interfaces and sh*t in a 10u case for ease of portability between my three locations I record at.

8 channel ADAT D/A converter?

Ok I have an RMEfireface 800 and a PreSonus digimax 96. Soon I plan on running both to a good board on mixdown. The problem is the PreSonus only has ADAT outs. The RMEhas ADAT in and outs. If I hookup the PreSonus to the rme, on mixdown, won't I only have the channels on the RMEto work with? I want to have 16 channels in and out. Should I sell the PreSonus and just get another rme?


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