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acoustic foam

Acoustic foam placement

I'm trying to do some sound treatment in the room I'm using for my home studio on little to no budget. I was given a piece of this acoustic foam from a friend that had some left over. It's 2.7 metres by about 1 metre. Anybody who has done acoustic treatment for audio recording have advice in whether I'd be better off to put the whole thing on one wall or cut it into 2 or 3 parts and spread it around. Maybe a bit on the ceiling above the drums?

Fixing Acoustic Foam Tiles

I recently replaced the acoustic treatment with some new acoustic tiles in my home soundroom.
These are strategically placed such as first points of reflection, etc also four centred on the main oposing wall followed by a line either side along the centre at evenly spaced intervals, also some corner bass traps.
While they look great, I find that due to not wanting a permanent fix I went for the option of using an adhesive velcro option so not to damage the paint on my 50 year old plaster board (ie drywall) walls.

room treatment to reduce reverb/echo

Dear Forum, I have a home studio that I use for doing sound design for theatre, mixing acoustic theatre (theatrical installations and radio drama) and composing electro-acoustic music. I'm gradually diminishing the reverb in the room and I'd like some advice please on further steps I can take on a low budget (we renovated this house recently so I'm doing things slowly!).



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