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I just bought an AKG P220 and wanted to try recording with my Focusrite Scarlett solo. But I don't get any sound from it. When I connect my Shure SM58, the recording works just fine. The 48V switch is on. And the Scarlett is connected via a USB hub which also has its own power supply.

Can be the problem in the XLR cable?


Boswell Sat, 03/09/2019 - 12:40

Assuming the cable is XLR-XLR and not XLR-TRS plug, it could be the cable. If the sleeve braid were not connected to plug pin 1 at both ends, or one of the signal conductors were shorted to the braid, you would get symptoms similar to those you describe. However, when you say you don't get "any sound", are you including hum or other cable-handling noise, particularly when the gain is turned up high?

If it's not the cable, the microphone or the interface could have a fault. You should try borrowing almost any other (working) condenser mic and try it using your interface and cable.