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acoustic recording

[Cubase 5/Plugins] Acoustic Recording Question [To Mic Or Not To Mic]

Hey everyone quick question. If using Cubase 5 what plugins do you normally use to record acoustic guitar (This is my first time with acoustic). Also, would you suggest running the guitar straight from a mixing board to an audio interface, or Micing it? If you suggest Micing where do you normally place your condensers?

Your acoustic recording setup

I am looking to get a decent placement for recording plain acoustic guitar. I am running digital tape recorders (Tascam), which I mix through a Yamaha board. Up til now, everything I have worked on sounded at the very least, decent, with minimal noise. I've mostly been recording electric jazz guitar, electric bass, vocals, and some percussion. However, my primary focus is acoustic, but right now my condenser/mic preamp combo isn't cuttin it. I can't find any decent placement using an MXL 990, 991, 604 or a stereo pair of RODE NT3s, combined with the Yamaha's onboard pres.

Prospective beginner to acoustic recording.

I'm planning to venture into the world of sound engineering on a purely amateur basis and I'd like to have a starting point.

I play classical violin and a bit of electric blues guitar but I can predict that most of my recordings will be acoustic.

I'm on a low budget and I plan to record using a computer (USB preamp interface and Adobe Audition software...unless someone suggests otherwise).

Mastering live acoustic recordings?

would love to know people's tips for mastering live acoustic recordings. i run acoustic gigs in london, record people's sets then mix them either on the Yamaha AW16G i record them on, or take the recordings into Cubase and Audition to have more of a play with.

that said, i've never been given any tips and only ever played around by ear so would love to know any suggestions for mastering/mixing live acoustic recordings, however obvious they may seem!


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