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Advice on adding mic/instr preamps to my studio rack on a budget

I have a small semi-portable studio rack system which I use to record my own music as well as band sessions. My gear includes an ART Dual MP preamp box which gives me two decent mic/instr preamps that works well for certain mics and instruments, but I frequently need a few more preamps. Right now, I fall back on my Zoom R16 channel amps, but I'd like a better option. I am on a real tight budget, and I would greatly appreciate some advice.

Event Opal vs. adding KRK Rockit 10-3

Hi gang,

After the discussions I have been involved in, it occurred to me to ask this question. It's all very well and good to get myself the Dangerous Monitor ST, but, what about my existing speakers. As I mentioned in another thread, I do have 10 year old Mackie Hr824s. These were a step up from NS-10m Yamaha's and a pair of Alesis monitor ones running off some preamp I can't even remember anymore. And they have served me overall, well.

I'm CONFUSED adding more subwoofers

OK. I know this isn't a live sound forum, but I was hoping somebody here could help me out. Here's what I've got.

Mackie M2600 poweramp -500 watts per channel into 8 ohms
850 watts per channel into 4 ohms
1300 watts per channel into 2 ohms
1700 watts into 8 ohms bridged mono
2600 watts into 4 ohms bridged mono

2 subwoofers --- Power Rating: 1250W Ive got these two bridged
Music Program : 2500W
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms

I'm about to buy two more subs. They are

800W/1,600W program/peak power handling @ 8 ohms

Is it worth adding Great River ME-1NV to my pres?


I run a small home studio which is mainly setup to record vocals. My current preamps are UA Solo610, Focusrite ISA One digital and PreSonus Eureka.

I been using forums for quite a few years now and everyone seems to rave about the Great River ME-1NV preamp as being something quite special!

My question is would the Great River be a noticeable step up from my current pres?
I would mainly use it to record vocals but on occassions I record asoustic and electric guitars and basses.


Recording Guitar Straight in then Adding Amps vs. Recording Straight in With Pedal

I just got a Voice Tonelab ST pedal which produces some very impressive tones for the guitar, great amp modeling, it's even got a real tube in it to add to the sound. I'm doing some home demos and have been recording straight in, then adding amp effects using the program/VST Guitar Rig 3 from Native Instruments. I'm somewhat pleased with the program, you can do some amazing things and granted I haven't done a great deal of tweaking, but the sounds are still a bit eh.

recording source effects vs. adding after in the mix

Hi there

I've got a band coming in to record this weekend. The one guitar player I think would like to use his delay pedal as opposed to me adding delay in the mix. What issues am I going to run into here with compression etc? I know the one drawback will be the mono delay. I'm recording this band live and I have only 8 channels so re-amping is not an option


HELP PLEASE with midi error and adding a midi device

hey everyone. I really could use some help with actually two things. First off, i have LE 6.4 which i know is older but still doesnt mean it should just expire. I was trying to connect a Boss DR-670 drum machine and connect the proper settings in the edit midi tab which is i believe under prefrences where there are the pics of the actually units and where you can route the ins and outs by drawing the lines. Sorry thats the best way for me to describe it.

Need help adding outboard gear (or plugins)

I recently purchased a Fostex MR8-HD to record some demo-quality material. Now, I believe the next step in making some of these recordings "decent" is to add some outboard gear (or plugins). Having very little knowledge I'd like to know some opinions on what to purchase first, and if I should purchase units that are "all-in-one". I haven't
set a budget, because I'm just getting ideas... but because I'm horribly cheap and poor it will probably be in the 100-200 dollar range.