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Altiverb vs. TL Space? Anything better in the $500-1k range

I'm using Pro Tools LE and am looking to improve my reverb with a better VST/RTAS plugin . I've used Trueverb and R-verb alot, but am not too thrilled. I havent used anything better, but I know it's out there.
Is Altiverb or TL Space a decent step up? do I have other good options around $600? I believe Sony Oxford is another choice around $1k.
Thanks for your opinions friends!

Pro Tools + altiverb

so i am running PT Le 6.3 with a digi 002 rack, and i just got altiverb installed (i haven't paid for it, i'm demoing it first, thus i can't ask them).

when i open it with no impulse responses in the impulse response file, it opens and does nothing. when i put folders full of IRs, it crashes Pro Tools as soon as i try to use it as an insert.



2 little questions about AMPLITUBE & ALTIVERB

2 little questions about Amplitube and ALtiverb

Hi folks: Yesterday I was trying to install Altiverb and Amplitube on my MIX +/- System ( d24 + mix farm + DSP farm V2).

a) Maybe I am a moron but... will HTDM plugs run with a mix system at PT 5.1.1/OS 9.2?

b) My G4 800 QS has 512MB RAM. when I insert Altiverb, it says there is no enough memory!

c) Lots of errors appared like 7XXX and so. I had to emove all the sh*t from the DAE folder. Sessions were not opening.


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