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antelope audio

UA vs Antelope general thoughts

Hey everyone. Ive been comparing similar priced and spec'd interfaces from antelope and UA. The antelope synergy core and ua apollo x8.

There seems to be a fair amount of complaints on the antelope interfaces reguarding reliability (drivers software glitches), resale value, long term support, and life span. Antelope seems to come out with new versions much more often than other companies especially at that end of the market.

Antelope Amari- insane specs!

138db dynamic range on the DAC, 124db on the ADC. 384khz sample rates (192k on the digital i/o). $3,000 USD current street price. USB connectivity.

I haven't seen any reviews on this thing yet, but if the drivers are stable, this thing smokes (based on specs). It matches RME's ADI-2 pro adc spec (which is the highest im aware of) and surpasses UA's flagship model apollo, on the DAC side of things by 5db.

The Amare seems to be a front runner AD/DA right now, with the highest specs of any adda out there right now, except in the sample rate where RME goes to 764k.

Thoughts on digital trim Antelope Orion 32HD

Looks like antelope is acknowledging the uses of digital trim. Their doing it thru a reworking of thier dsp chip, as opposed to im guessing a hardware relay or something on some other designs? Also something that struck me was the guy being interviewed saying digital trim gets a bad rap becuase of headroom issues. This is the first time I've heard this, anyone else heard anything about that?

4:18 in the vid is where their taking about the Orion.

Antelope Zen Studio - thoughts and comparisons

I just got my hands on an Antelope Zen Studio today..

Cool unit.. very easy to use.. I'll be comparing it to a M audio Profire 2626 and Behringer Ada 8200 through an ancient RME digiset that was sold by Steinberg back in the day.

So far.. I've just had a chance to listen to some speaker test songs and I'm shocked that the difference in D/A between the Ada 8200 and Zen Studio is the same...

Antelope Orion 32 Mod

What do you guys make of this. I'm wondering how companies like Antelope make a , so called "world class" converter, then a few months later Black Lion Audio upgrades it.
They also offer the improved clock, which the 10M made no difference to my ears, so how could this clock improve it?