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API lunchbox

Thinking of buying a lunchbox

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9 years 4 months
Hi all,

I'm looking to invest in some new gear with a budget of $3k max! I have little experience with outboard gear so bear with me on deciding
what I should buy. I have a custom win7 pc, krk vxt4's, ableton suite 8, komplete 8, e-mu px-7, e-mu e5000, microkorg xl, novation remote sl & an at2035 mic.

I'm hoping some outboard gear will add some character to my sounds, I do electronic music. And I'm also looking to start recording vocals, and doing

API lunchbox 6b question

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21 years
I recently got some advice on a preamp for my mic. I was told to get a lunchbox 6b and a API 212L mic pre, but when Vintageking sent me both it didn't look like they were compatable. Did I get bad advice and waste my money or am I not looking at this right? Do I need a 512 or will the 212 work? If the 212 works, can someone explain to me how it fits in the Lunchbox 6b?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

lunchbox style: API vs. SSL

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20 years 3 months
i'm researching lunchbox style racks of mic pre's and eq's.

i've been looking at the API 512c mic pre and the 550b eq combo. then my studio partner pointed out that SSL now makes their X-Logic modules in a lunchbox style rack format.

i've never worked with either professionally so i'm looking for some feedback. my primary use would be for drums. secoondary use would be for general instrumental use like accoustic guitars, strings, horns, percussion, etc. i have an amek 9098 that i've been using for just about everything but drums.

API Lunchbox, Sebatron, etc.

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17 years 1 month
Ok guys...this is my last preamp post!

-I can get a 4 channel Sebatron for $1700


-I can get a 2 channel API Lunch Box for $1900 with the capability of expanding for more channels

Here is my the API only good on drums and guitars? I want something that will be all purpose and sounds great. I want to be able to record a light acoustic rock band one day and then record a death metal band the next. I want the pre to be used on everything and sounding good on everything.

API Compressors

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21 years

OK so I am thinking about getting an API lunchbox. I never hear any recormend or speak of using an API compressor. For that matter of all the tracks I have gotten to mix I have never seen one on a track sheet. Any opinions on this one. I like the idea of buying something no one uses so that I have something unique I dont like the idea of buying something that blows a large donkey and thats why no one uses it.