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ART Pro Audio


ART is a company comprised of musicians, engineers and recording enthusiasts. Since its inception in 1984, we have been striving to redefine the performance versus price barrier with a series of innovative new audio products designed with the needs of the musician in mind.

With a full line of vacuum tube preamplifiers and compressors that deliver unmatched warmth, tone and character; innovative Graphic Equalizers that actually show you exactly where feedback may occur, and a full complement of cool little useful tools designed for stage and studio, ART offers affordable audio solutions that deliver unmatched quality, tone, versatility and reliability.

On the road, in nightclubs, arenas, recording studios, auditoriums, churches, rehearsal halls, basements or garages, ART products have gained the loyalty of customers worldwide. Our rich history reflects our true passion for music and the creative process.

Over the last four decades, we’ve never lost the inspiration that comes with the creation of evolving technologies, and we thank you, and the thousands of ART users for the continued support and loyalty.

ART Pro VLA II Compressor - Any good?

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6 years 1 month
I have been thinking about adding an OB compressor to the rack recently, and, being on a budget I have come across the ART Pro VLA II. This thing seems to get a good wrap for the price, and general concensus in regards to feedback is they sound better when the standard stock chinese-made tubes are replaced with Mullard 12ax7 tubes.
Iv'e heard it referred to as "the poor mans' LA-2A", which, would suit my budget. (its retail is around $800 bucks new here in OZ...(thanks shitty-dollar value due to the fall in commodity prices....)

ART Pro Dual Pre Usb Interface - Computer playback in recording

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8 years
Hi guys, So I'm not new to music, but pretty new to home recording. I got myself an ART Pro Dual Pre USB Interface so that I could record vocals and guitar at the same time, but as different tracks. But when I hook it up to my laptop and record using the Edison recorder in Fruity Loops 8 it records it as one track. If I then play that track back through the headphone monitor on the Dual Pre it records the computer sound and my input all into one track... Any ideas on what I could check?

PreSonus XMAX vs Art ProChannel vs. EHX 12AY7 pre-amps.

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11 years 6 months
I'm contemplating my next buy. It will be a preamp. I'm looking for "that tube sound". I need richness and clarity, etc. This preamp is primarily for vocals. If it does vocals well, then I'm happy. I can always try it out on other things.

That being said, I'm torn between these two:

Art Pro VLA II

Member for

21 years
im going to buy one of thse units after much reading about it.
i have one question though, i have a blue reactor mic going into a focusrite ISA one...i will be plugging that into the Art pro vla ii then to my sound card, my question is....the tube thats in the pro vla, will that give my voice the "tube sound"? is it in effect like having a ISA one AND tubes?

Preamp tubes for ART Pro Channel preamp

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12 years 6 months
Hey guys, I'm relatively new to the forum. I want to get better at recording, so I'm focusing on adding gear to round out my studio. Here's what I'm working with right now-

32-bit 3200+ amd pc running xp
Sonic Foundry Acid 6.0
M-Audio fasttrack USB interface
Art MP studio preamp
Logitech 2.1 speaker system
MXL condenser and Blue Encore 200 mic (oh man I love that mic)

ART Pro MPA II vs. Aphex 107

Member for

11 years 11 months
I currently have an Aphex 107, and have swapped the tubes. I haven't had much time to play around with it, and will still do a lot more experimenting before I make any decision, but what are your opinions on the ART Pro MPA when compared to the Aphex? Differences, pros and cons, etc. I know some people on here have experience with either one or both.

ART Pro VLA II Tube Compressor

Member for

13 years 10 months
Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any opinions or reviews about the new ART Pro VLA II. I've seen a lot of reviews about the original version, however, this one is supposed to have a decent amount of upgrades. It's still a fairly new compressor so a Google search hasn't turned up much on it yet.

Art Pro VLA OR Focusrite Penta OR FMR RNLA ??

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21 years
I do most of my work on computer although lately I want to rely more on my Alesis Ion synth as well as add a Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboard. So I'm looking not only at a front-end compressor unit that will feed into my Mackie Onyx Satellite recording interface, but also act as a master bus compressor to bring out the final 2-track mixdown, add a little compression and warmth, and take it back into the computer for digital mastering via Waves plugins or Izotope Ozone.