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Changing Tubes - ART Tubeopto 8


Ive read a few threads about changing the tubes on the ART Tubeopto 8. I got my hands on some vintage telefunken ecc83 smooth plates and I can’t wait to hear how these sound! Several of the threads I’ve found note that you need to remove the tube snubbers before you pull out the tubes and replace them after.

ART Pro VLA II Compressor - Any good?

I have been thinking about adding an OB compressor to the rack recently, and, being on a budget I have come across the ART Pro VLA II. This thing seems to get a good wrap for the price, and general concensus in regards to feedback is they sound better when the standard stock chinese-made tubes are replaced with Mullard 12ax7 tubes.

ART Pro Dual Pre Usb Interface - Computer playback in recording

Hi guys, So I'm not new to music, but pretty new to home recording. I got myself an ART Pro Dual Pre USB Interface so that I could record vocals and guitar at the same time, but as different tracks. But when I hook it up to my laptop and record using the Edison recorder in Fruity Loops 8 it records it as one track.