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New article: Neil Dorfsman on remixing Oasis' Morning Glory in 5.1

I just added a new article to my website and thought that it might be of interest to some people here.

In this exclusive new interview by Tom Stroud for Oasis Recording Info, the Grammy award-winning producer Neil Dorfsman, perhaps best known for his work with such diverse artists as Dire Straits, Sting, Björk, and Paul McCartney, speaks for the first time about remixing Oasis’s classic album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? in 5.1 surround sound for the Super Audio CD edition.

My huge thanks to Tom for this, and to Neil for his great generosity in contributing to the site in this way. I hope you enjoy the article!

Article: How I Got into Home Recording

This is a recent article I wrote on my journey into home recording. I thought this would be an appropriate forum as it covers some very basic introductory and budget gear that would help beginners find their way into the same. Feedback is welcome as I plan on writing a series of these and am still working with tone/voice on this. Many Thanks and enjoy. I look forward to participating in the forum.

Home Recording: A Personal Odyssey


Interesting article about Fluid Mastering with Tim Debney and Nick Watson

I thought that the interview with Tim Debney and Nick Watson at Fluid Mastering would be interesting in case you've not seen it. The thing that is most interesting is the mastering engineers perspective and the way they look at material supplied to them. Fluid is a top London mastering studio and the guys used to work at Townhouse so have a lot of experience. Anyway, http://www.recordpr…"]the link is here[/]="http://www.recordpr…"]the link is here[/]. :)

NPR Article on Making a Hit Song

Even with the changes in the way music is sold /distributed, some things haven't changed since Alan Freed was "spinnin' the platters that matter" in the 50's according to this NPR article I just read:…"]How Much Does It Cost To Make A Hit Song?[/]="…"]How Much Does It Cost To Make A Hit Song?[/]

Of course 'payola' is illegal and doesn't exist - but "Treating the radio guys nice." and envelopes full of cash aren't even closely guarded secrets.


Microphone articles & shootout: SM7B, SM57, Beta 58A, BG2.1, RE20, AT4050

Hi microphone lovers! I wrote some articles and created sound clips for a bunch of microphones on Gear-Wiki. I thought I'd share the links as I hope this can be useful.


Sound clips (still working on the articles)